Wednesday, May 16, 2007

comfort me with style

When the high-fashion version of the anorak hit the runways and magazine pages earlier this spring, I was one of the first skeptics raising an eyebrow and repeating a mantra set in by stylists and couturiers everywhere, "Style and comfort? No way." Whenever I pick out my outfit, I work by combining various items of clothing no matter how uncomfortable one of them may be. So usually I'm found limping slightly from a wedges blister, but I feel that pain is a small price to pay for not settling for lofty quality or orthopedic footwear (read: Birks).

Two days ago, being the kind creature I am, I volunteered to marshall for the local track meet. Although the weather was fairly questionable, I didn't pay too much attention to dressing warmly despite warnings from friends. At 9 am, when we were gathering in the stands, I was a bit conscious of being over-dressed as a sea of sweatshirts and track pants invaded my line of sight (I was wearing black dress pants, mangeta tshirt and blue cardigan, both from Mango).

The bitter wind, cold and rain didn't take its toll on me for another hour, as I shivered and cursed under the bitterly grey skies. Thankfully, our supervisor lent me his windbreaker (which hung like a giant tent on me). Now I am paying for my foolishness with a brain-clogging cold, having fallen prey to the "it's almost summer!!1!" mentality despite the fact that it's more like February outside.

But at least I will be paying more attention to the wool and knit goods from now on.


Blogger Emma said...

i'm sort of the same way- i'm a pessimist, and i automatically think that if it's comfortable it can't really, truly be high fashion. but screw it, i'm lazy, so bring on the knit goods. especially cute ones.

6:27 PM  

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