Friday, February 23, 2007

Fit for a doctor

In twelve years, when I am working as a neurosurgeon (humor me here), this is what I will wear to work:

Etro fall'07

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Philosophy: for the mistress

Is it me or do these shoes scream "mistress"? Can't you just imagine some tall, perfectly-proportioned "other woman" with really good hair and discreet sunglasses striding to a hotel for some lunchtime infidelity? Also, she may or may not be a dominatrix.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

From heel hell

I can't be the only one who has the misfortune to continuously come across these super-straight heels, am I? It's been cold in Toronto for someone, and the masses have brought out their gear to ward off the season's harsh climate. Unfortunately, many women are also mistakenly duped into wearing this type of shoe where the heel begins right at the end. I think I can safely assume that unless you are SJP, heels are probably not at the top of your Comfortable Footwear List. Women wear shoes because they look good, which in turns makes us look good, or they go with our outfit. And the shoe above gets a big fat x on all those fronts. You don't have to live in stilleto boots to wear fashionable winter footwear, because there are plenty of chunky heels that look good enough to eat (see: winter wishlist Ann Sui boots). Please, I am be just another voice on the 'net, but this type of heels doesn't look good on anyone. ever.

Unfortunately, these particular heels aren't the best example (but it took me long enough to find them so I'll have to make due) because they are a decent height. The stuff I see on the subway daily is a good half the height of the pictured heel. And a tiny heel really just rarely looks good on anyone. So unless your feet are under 6 1/2, it'd be a good bet to leave them at home.
What sort of do-not-resuscitate things do you guys see on your daily commute?

Pictures taken from Naturalizer.
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