Monday, September 03, 2007

Add sophistication to your wardrobe and years to your face

Marc Jacobs's fall ready-to-wear collection got the following write-up on
This was American sportswear, but with a European sense of impeccability. Some might call it "grown-up."
What followed after can definitely be coined "grown up" - an array of business suits, leisure suits, trenches and dresses that Grandma would approve of.

An otherwise scholarly sweater/skirt combo is jazzed up with bright colour. The knee-length, sleeveless dress is kept simple but for the read trimming around the collar.

I think what went wrong with Marc's less appealing pieces was that he failed to add punch to them somehow. Creating a mid-calf-length, long sleeved dressed buttoned up to the neck takes away sex appeal from even the most youthful nymph but making it a nondescript shade of grey makes it look downright mumsy. It looks like something a girl might wear during the Great Depression, when the food is scarce and money scarcer.

The most alarming aspect of the collection was the dramatic transformation of one Zosia Prominska:
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